Coming soon

Here at ROAR we’ve got lots of projects in development, so it will be an exciting couple of years for us.


A six part audio series for release in September this year.

When a trendy tech company place their flagship building on the site of an ancient sacred grove and fill the atrium with ornamental trees they have no idea what they have unleashed. Willow, the ancient spirit of the grove waits for the perfect opportunity to trick a human into helping her wake her fellow dryads. She finds the perfect prey in Mira, a shy young developer forced by her demanding boss to give a presentation at the company conference. Desperate for a confident voice Mira is tricked into a bargain and receives a magical, powerful, voice. She must wake the dryads or lose the man she loves, even as she comes to understand that her voice is a destructive curse that threatens everyone around her.

The Grove is a modern British fantasy in the tradition of Sebastian Baczkiewicz’s Pilgrim and Robert Holdstock’s Mythago Wood that questions the sacrifices we make for the success we think we want.

Casting to open soon! 

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Theatre show

A one-man version of the classic horror Frankenstein, for our disconnected times.

Frank was in early rehearsals and heading to an initial run at Katzspace when production was halted because of Covid -19. We’re now working to get the show in front of an audience in the best and safest way, exploring outdoor venues and spaces with room for people to socially distance and still enjoy a great night out.

We’d love to talk to venues who are interested in putting the show on when it becomes legal and safe to do so.

The Team

  • Matt McCabe, Actor.
  • Amelia Gardham, Director.
  • Meg Toogood, Writer.

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So you think you know my story

Short film: Photography student Pippi finds out that her pictures don’t tell the whole story in this tale of escaping domestic abuse.

The death today has been announced

Short film: When a global celebrity dies in a small town a down on his luck undertaker must decide the lengths he’ll go to get the cash that will put his life back on track.

Frost Fever Flood

Full-length play: Three intertwining stories set on the River Thames.

  • 1814: the last great frost fair is in full swing. When someone parades an elephant across the ice everyone wants a place in Rob’s boat. But the more people he saves, the more likely he is to sink.
  • 2014: a virtual reality game leads its players to their deaths, but it becomes clear that a man clinging to the edge of a bridge isn’t a player, he’s the game’s creator. Does he deserve to be saved?
  • 2114: two scientists are desperately trying to save a matriarchal whale when it swallows them whole. Will they sacrifice its life when their own chance of survival is slim?

Life Among Gangsters

Full-length play: White wine, Maltesers, betrayal, drug dealing, attempted murder… just your average night in with the girls. A quiet suburban existence is seemingly shattered when Caroline’s husband is arrested for drug dealing. That evening, her three best friends gather at her house to offer comfort and support, but do they know her as well as they think?