Stevie Cooke

I write comedy-drama, animation and high concept genre stories.

I love surrealism and enjoy bringing abstract concepts to life through humour. I write stories about loss, transition, belonging and discovery. I build fantastical worlds with location featuring heavily as a catalyst for change in many of my stories. I bring humour into all my stories and love playing with the mix of comedic moments and heart-felt drama.

I’ve been a finalist and shortlisted for various awards and schemes including BBC Writersroom, Funny Women Awards and some standout moments have been writing for Have I Got News For You, shadowing on the ITV series Plebs and writing for Radio 4’s Sketchtopia.

Upcoming projects

Short film
An experimental film about a woman who’s been asked to deliver the eulogy at her mother’s funeral – a final act of control from beyond the grave. Set for production in February 2022.

Audio comedy
In a world where Scotland has left the UK and rejoined Europe they become the front runners in the new race to the moon. England, underfunded and embarrassed, refuse to be left out, so put their hat in the ring too. Now it’s down to a group of bungling MI5 agents and a Welsh conspiracy theorist to convince the world from a bunker underneath Euston that we really did go to the moon. Where’s Kubrik when you need him…? Set for production in February 2022.

Animated short film
The origin story of how a run of the mill horse becomes General Clip-Clop and finally topples the humans’ reign as leaders of the world. Based on the most pointless philosophical question I’ve ever pondered – ‘what if all the animals suddenly woke up with hands’. Set for production in November 2021.

Stand alone radio play
A freak incident involving an electrical storm and an airport security scanner leaves a woman stuck in an airport waiting room with the ghosts of her soul. A surreal look at the shadow selves we all have buried within us.

Animated feature film
The grandmother of nano-pesticide technology is shrunk and finds herself in the insect world that she has unwittingly helped to destroy. She must learn to accept that her life’s work caused such destruction and work with the scientists of the insect world to save them, and herself, before the launch of the most deadly nano-pesticide trial yet.

Previous projects

TV pilot
When Jen dies and discovers she’s been headhunted to be the next Grim Reaper, all she makes a bad decision to try and keep her relationship alive, across realms.

Sitcom pilot
A sitcom about three slackers running a pub. Weirdos against the world.

TV pilot
A bloom of rare sea bacteria forces a PhD student back to the beach of her mum’s failing holiday camp to study, and on her return, she discovers her mum has turned the holiday camp into a tantra centre.

Sitcom pilot
A disabled modern artist and her layabout best friend struggle to thrive in a world that only sees them as stereotypes.

TV pilot
On her 18th birthday, Libby, who always thought she was a human, discovers powers she never knew she had, and finds herself at the centre of a Government plot to contain the growing powers of The Others at any cost.

Credits and awards

  • Producer of ‘The Grove’ a full-length audio drama (2020)
  • Writer and director of ‘Abort!’ a comedy short film optioned by Pinball London (currently in development)
  • ‘Freedom’ – a short play performed as part of ‘This Is The End’ theatre show (The Old Red Lion, May 2019)
  • Shadowing on Season 5 of ITV2’s ‘Plebs’ with Rise Films (2019)
  • ‘The Flour Girls’ a one act play performed as part of ‘100 Years’ (Southwark Playhouse Dec 2018)
  • Long-listed for the BBC Writersroom Comedy window (2018)
  • Finalist in the BBC Writersroom Biggest Weekend comedy monologue competition (2018)
  • Writer on the Radio 4 series ‘Sketchtopia’ (2018)
  • ‘Have I Got News For You’ additional material writer (2017-18)
  • Finalist in the Funny Women Shorts Award (2017)
  • Shortlisted in the Funny Women Writing Award (2017)
  • Creator of numerous short comedy sketches including Existential Emoji and Moaner Lisa (2017)
  • Founder, producer and regular writer for E&C scratch night at the Horse and Stables, London (2016-2017)
  • Short-listed for Theatre 503 rapid response (April 2015)


LCC, Screenwriting, MA, 2016
NCTJ Journalism and Sub-Editing, 2009
University of Sussex, English and Media Studies, BA, 2007