The Grove

A six part audio series for release in September this year.

“When a trendy tech company place their flagship building on the site of an ancient sacred grove and fill the atrium with ornamental trees they have no idea what they have unleashed. Willow, the ancient spirit of the grove waits for the perfect opportunity to trick a human into helping her wake her fellow dryads. She finds the perfect prey in Mira, a shy young developer forced by her demanding boss to give a presentation at the company conference.  Desperate for a confident voice Mira is tricked into a bargain and receives a magical, powerful, voice. She must wake the dryads or lose the man she loves, even as she comes to understand that her voice is a destructive curse that threatens everyone around her.

The Grove is a modern British fantasy in the tradition of Sebastian Baczkiewicz’s Pilgrim and Robert Holdstock’s Mythago Wood that questions the sacrifices we make for the success we think we want.”

Casting to open soon

We’ll need 5 women and 2 men. Ideally we’d be looking for the main cast to double minor roles so if you can demonstrate some flexibility in your voice reel that would be great.

We’re looking to build a cast that works together so no particular accent is needed for any character at this stage.  We are definitely looking for a lot of diversity and not seven standard English accents!

We’ll be offering a flat fee to cover expenses, with a view to further payment if we can cover costs from fundraising once the project is complete. And we have successfully raised funds before.

Please send a link to your voice reel to


MIRA (24), graduate developer, in her first real job and totally naïve about the world of work. 

WILLOW (5000), the dryad of a Willow tree and the playful spirit of the grove. 

ASH (29), A.V. technician, hardworking perfectionist, spends too much time on reddit. 

ANGIE (49), senior manager, determined to mould graduates into the staff the company needs. 

TERRI (32), facilities manager, practical and tough. 

BECK (29), forensic technician and dedicated audio specialist. Spiky and defensive. 

DAN (34), socially awkward forensic manager under pressure on a huge case. 

Coming to podcast platforms in September 2021