The Grove

A new six-part British fantasy drama podcast.

When she’s asked to present at the company’s flagship conference graduate developer Mira Fisher must face her biggest fear – public speaking. But life at the world’s coolest, biggest, wealthiest tech company is not as it seems. In the atrium of ornamental trees ancient, mythical forces are waking that will change Mira’s destiny and grant her a terrifying gift.

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Written and directed by Meg Toogood. Sound design by Ed Clarke. Produced by Stevie Cooke.

  • Mira was played by Sally Walker-Taylor 
  • Willow was played by Amelia Gardham 
  • Ash was played by Matty McCabe 
  • Beck / Angie was played by Jasmine Rachelle 
  • Terri was played by Tori Louis
  • Dan was played by Ben Jones 

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Sound design

Ed Clarke is a Composer and Sound Designer working in Theatre and Live Music.


Played by Sally Walker-Taylor

Sally is a Bristol based actor and voiceover. She trained in performing arts at Middlesex University, specialising in comedy and physical theatre and went on to train in circus aerial arts before discovering her love of voice acting. You can hear her in commercials and corporate work, but her real passion is for character work: She has recorded roles for video games and several audio dramas. Aside from her work, she likes sand dunes, finding the perfect gif and drinking unhealthy amounts of tea.


Played by Amelia Gardham

Amelia Gardham, AUB trained actress and director most recently played Antigone and various other characters in SISATA’s 2021 open air tour of ‘Antigone’ a revival still true to Sophocles classic by Charmaine Kay.


Played by Matty McCabe

Matty is an Irish actor who has recently been in involved in the HBO animation ‘The Prince’ which is soon to hit the uk.

Beck / Angie

Played by Jasmine Rachelle

Jasmine Rachelle is an actor and voice over artist from London. The Grove was her first audio drama. More of Jasmine’s acting work can be found on her Spotlight profile:


Played by Tori Louis

Tori Louis is a British/Canadian actor who’s always looking for reasons not to be herself, which she can conveniently find in her acting career. Naturally comedic, with a love for animation and gaming, if you’re slightly curious as to where you might or might not seen her all the details can be found here:


Played by Ben Jones

Ben is an energetic and enthusiastic actor with 20 years of experience working in voiceover, films, TV, ads, theatre and has most recently dabbled in computer game work.  Ben studied Acting at Middlesex University, further acting credits can be found on Spotlight:

Thank you!

With thanks to Jack Neil, Simon Lee, Lilith Jones, Ella and Brannoc Toogood-Pugh, and everyone else who made this possible!

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