Roar Creative Productions is a writer-led production company. Our work is witty, intelligent, courageous, and full of tomfoolery. We always want our audiences to have a fantastic time.

With laughter, in anger, Roar!


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About us

Untold stories, unexpected topics, chaos, laughs, absurdity, the political and the personal – we write about anything and everything.

As a female-led company, we are proudly feminist in our approach. Our stories often feature women in the leading role, but our work is for everyone to enjoy. We believe in equality and work with other writers, producers and directors to bring our projects together, whatever your gender identity.

But what about us?

Megan and Stevie met back in 2014 on the MA Screenwriting course at London College of Communication, and it’s been all go since then – including filling out the long-winded forms for Companies House…


megan-toogoodMegan Toogood has been shortlisted in various competitions including BBC Writers’ Room Drama and the Tracking Board Launchpad Novel Manuscript Competition. Scripts in production include dystopian romance Where the Sun Doesn’t Burn at the Teatro F. di Bartolo, Pisa, Italy, (in translation) and psychological horror, Frank.


Headshot-stevieStevie Cooke is a comedy writer, who has written for Have I Got News For You and the Radio 4 show Sketchtopia. Stevie has previously been shortlisted for the Funny Women Writing Award and been a finalist in the Funny Women Shorts Award. She has also been long-listed for the BBC Comedy Writers’ Room, and has shadowed on the TV show Plebs.

Victoria Morris

vic Victoria Morris is a writer, script editor, and Roar’s Development Executive. She has been a finalist in several screenplay competitions including the Funny Women Writing Awards and the Edinburgh TV Festival’s New Voice Award. She has written two series of web animation Tiddlytubbies and her radio play was produced on LBC. Victoria is a freelance script reader, who has read for several TV and film companies including ITV and Left Bank Pictures, and she is a judge for the NYC Midnight short screenplay competition.

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Coming soon

Here at ROAR we’ve got lots of projects in development, so it will be an exciting couple of years for us.



As a graduate app developer for the coolest, biggest, wealthiest tech company in the world Mira Fisher has her dream job. But when she’s asked to present at the company’s flagship conference she has to face her biggest fear – public speaking. A chance meeting among the trees in the atrium of her office building will solve all her problems, but unleash ancient powerful forces that she cannot control.

A new fantasy drama from Roar Creative Productions.

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Find out more about The Grove.


Theatre show

A one-man version of the classic horror Frankenstein, for our disconnected times.

The Team

  • Matt McCabe, Actor.
  • Amelia Gardham, Director.
  • Meg Toogood, Writer.

So you think you know my story

Short film: Photography student Pippi finds out that her pictures don’t tell the whole story in this tale of escaping domestic abuse.

The death today has been announced

Short film: When a global celebrity dies in a small town a down on his luck undertaker must decide the lengths he’ll go to get the cash that will put his life back on track.

Frost Fever Flood

Full-length play: Three intertwining stories set on the River Thames.

  • 1814: the last great frost fair is in full swing. When someone parades an elephant across the ice everyone wants a place in Rob’s boat. But the more people he saves, the more likely he is to sink.
  • 2014: a virtual reality game leads its players to their deaths, but it becomes clear that a man clinging to the edge of a bridge isn’t a player, he’s the game’s creator. Does he deserve to be saved?
  • 2114: two scientists are desperately trying to save a matriarchal whale when it swallows them whole. Will they sacrifice its life when their own chance of survival is slim?

Life Among Gangsters

Full-length play: White wine, Maltesers, betrayal, drug dealing, attempted murder… just your average night in with the girls. A quiet suburban existence is seemingly shattered when Caroline’s husband is arrested for drug dealing. That evening, her three best friends gather at her house to offer comfort and support, but do they know her as well as they think?

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Get involved

We actively partner with businesses who want to align their brand with female-led film and theatre from up-and-coming writers, directors and producers. We offer supporters the chance to discover and support new talent and be involved in exciting new projects.

Sponsorship, advertising opportunities, events, ticket discounts, leafletting opportunities – each package is tailored to suit our generous corporate and private supporters who do so much to help us make projects a reality.

We’re always happy to make contact with theatres, event spaces, producers, directors, actors, and everyone who wants to have a chat about the work they do, and the work we do. We love coffee (we probably love beer a little bit more, but we do love coffee). So email us and let’s arrange a time to talk. We are nice. Promise.

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